Friday, 4 January 2013

Xi'An - The Old and The New China

Sky high buildings taking over the city landscape in the quest to accommodate more and more people looking for a better standard of living.
Who can blame them?

You can see this so well in Xi'An.

Part of the 'On The Go' agenda is a a bicycle tour on the Xi'An City Wall.

A perfect square enclosing the old Xi'An city.
It feels like that this wall alone is all that's keeping the sky scrapers from swallowing up the last bit of tradition, history, way of life...

This short,do it yourself, tour, became one of my favourite memories from this trip to China.
First of all because, I am useless on a bicycle, I marked this 1.30 min trip as a big personal achievement ( see, no high standards at all).

And second, what a view?
The sun hanging on the sky just long enough for us to enjoy the trip;
On one side, the quiet streets with the old traditional buildings, on the other side, the noisy, screaming, new China;
Once the darkness took over, the spectacle of lights: old Chinese lanterns on the Wall, Shiny LED Screens and colourful lights in the City;
Xi'An is such a contradiction! Couldn't decide...Do I love it or not!?
The Wall convinced me.

To cycle on the Xi'An Wall, you don't need to be part of a tour, you can do it on your own. Many locals come here in the evening to enjoy the view, the quiet, the excercise...
Hire a bicycle from the North or South Gate; if you cycle regularly, you'll be done in an hour, if not a little longer.

Remember, the purpose of doing this is sightseeing, take your time, stop, look, take photos, enjoy the view.
Tandem bicycles are also available.....

Even without photos, I hope this blog make your feet itch and you tag Xi'An to your bucket list.

Grannie Banana